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Our specialists will consult you, help you with real estate appraisal, gather and compile the required documentation, arrange presentation of housing for potential buyers and consummate a transaction

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Latest blog articles

Real estate in Ukraine

 Ukraine is a large and rich country. In fact, to be honest, it should be large and rich, but it has always been torn to pieces by the stakeholders. This results in general agitation and volatility of all markets. But is this detrimental for business and investments? Such direction undermines confidence in the current situation, but demand begets supply. Our company offers diverse real estate at significantly lower prices. This is because everybody has their own problems, but money should work for you. While some people face emotional stress, others seek a perspective for development. Sinai offers comprehensive services of searching for and purchasing real estate by assessing the opportunities and perspectives on investment. Our country has its own unspoken rules. That is why we recommend you to refer to professionals, who understand the local market and participate in all its administrative processes, directly without any intermediaries.

 A real estate agency is a guarantee giver in any transaction

 It is very hard to learn all the details and peculiarities of purchasing property on your own, especially in a foreign country. You should be present in the process to get acquainted with the owners and understand their benefit. You won’t be fooled because you are a foreign resident, still, the price will increase. Only a real estate agency with many years of experience can fully account for your interests, select the real estate and consummate the whole transaction and safeguard you from any pitfalls and unexpected problems. We deal with many offers from business premises to any grade of housing for the primary and secondary market. All you have to do is specify your requirements. We will take care of all the rest, taking into account the real perspectives of such an investment and the reasonable price. On contrary to owners, we are interested in attracting regular clients.

  A real estate agency in Kyiv — advice on investments

 An exclusive offer without bargaining and hidden charges is available for you right now. The historical city centre is the heart of the perspective directions. The demand is always high and is not prone to drastic changes. But the most important is the agelong quality of houses that should be maintained in excellent condition under the Ukrainian laws. Also, our real estate agency in Kyiv will search only for the verified real estate items for the primary market that is new residential communities. The usual price of the completed buildings differs by 30-40% from the possible primary cost. But we can guarantee successful transaction completion thanks to established contracts and insider insights. Offer for entrepreneurs and companies. This is the most time-limited but highly valuable project. The unstable situation in Ukraine has led to a decrease in prices for commercial premises. This means that even minor but quick stabilization offers prospects of more income from resale or lease in case of the following expansion of foreign companies. You would better hurry up, as the number of representative offices of global networks is constantly growing.

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