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The first houses emerged in the mid-1950s. The construction ended in the late 1980s.

The main distinctive features of apartment hotels are the in-line layout. There are from 13 to 20 one-room apartments per storey. These were often 9-storey houses with one engineering storey. One elevator was available for tenants.

A characteristic trapezoid shape of balconies is also worth mentioning.

Ceilings in the apartments are 2.65 to 2.7 m high.

Walls were made of brick or panel. All houses have armoured concrete floors.

Additional information: There are long corridors on each storey and apartments have different layouts, but with common features. Restrooms are equipped with sitting bathtubs or showers. The main priority while erecting such premises was speed as many people needed accommodation as soon as possible. The government managed to achieve the goal, but with compromise in quality due to focusing on the speed.

Layouts of apartment hotels — area and features

 Area in square meters





One-room apartments

From 21 to 38

From 10.5 to 19

From 3.5 to 8








 Popular types

  • Brick dormitories for small families (5-storey) with a small area, 4 (sometimes 8) entrance halls per house, 10 apartments per storey. No elevator, balconies and engineering storey. Ceilings are 2.5 m high. Windows of small apartments overlook the same side as the entrance hall, and windows in larger apartments overlook the opposite side. Entrance to the kitchen is available from the room; all restrooms are combined with bathrooms. Even the smallest apartments are equipped with bathrooms with an area of 1.5 m2.
  • Brick apartment hotels (9-storey) have one entrance hall faced with glazed tile. There are 12 apartments per storey and an engineering storey. Entrance to the fire staircase is available in the face of the corridor. Balconies are available only in some apartments with a larger Restrooms are combined with bathrooms with a shower. There are separate entrances to a kitchen and a room. A passenger elevator is available for tenants.
  • Panel apartment hotels resemble Czech buildings (9-storey). Houses have 2 to 4 entrance halls, 12 apartments per storey and pram storage rooms. Ceilings are 2.5 m high. As in the previous option, there is an engineering storey with high ceilings and a fire staircase. Balconies on the even storeys are longer.
  • Brick apartment hotels (9-storey) have one or two and even more entrance halls. There are 13 apartments per storey with 2.5 m high ceilings. A staircase runs around an elevator. On all pass-through storeys, an entrance to a fire staircase is available. All apartments have a double semi-recessed balcony that is why architectural replannings were frequent. Restrooms are large and equipped with a bathtub;
  • Panel apartment hotels resemble 96 series (9-storey) buildings. Ceilings in the apartments are high — 2.65 – 2.75 m. Rubbish chutes are located behind elevators. Restrooms are separated and equipped with 1.7 m long traverse bathtubs.

All kitchens are equipped with gas cookers.


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