Pre-revolutionary series

 Construction of such buildings continued until 1920.

These were 1 to 4-storey houses with one and rarely two entrance halls.

Apartments had mainly 4 to 6 rooms, sometimes 1 or 2. There were one or two apartments, rarely three or four, per storey.

Additional information: Walls are made of red brick, houses were of landmark nature. At first, wooden floors and after 1905 mixed-type floors were used. Armoured concrete floors were used during the reconstruction.

Houses were designed in Art Nouveau style with outer stuccowork. They were very large, robust and solid. There were no rubbish chutes. Elevators were installed rarely after major maintenance.

Summary information:

1.а During the pre-revolutionary period, manor houses had as many as 6 to 8 rooms with the area of 30 to 40 m2 each. Apartments were divided into household, bedroom and lobby zones. Kitchens and corridors were large. They usually had two staircases — one principal staircase and one backstairs. Gross leased area of the premises reached 150 m2. Some buildings are decorated with stuccowork, chimneys and other details of that period.

1.b. Houses used as hotels. Small rooms with the area of 10 to 15 m2 and with the in-line layout.

1.c. With the end of the revolution, the need to provide a great number of people with accommodation became no longer relevant. That is why various premises, regardless of their intended use and layout, were used to meet that need. These included, among others, warehouses, industrial premises, etc.;

1.d. Workers usually resided in buildings erected during the period of the first five-year industrial plans. That period is characterised with bedsits with tiny kitchens, restrooms and bathrooms. The area of the rooms was from 15 to 20 m2.

General information:

  • Gross leased area of the premises did not exceed 150 m2;
  • The area of one-room apartments varies from 35 to 48 m2;
  • Two-room apartments — from 47 to 80 m2;
  • Three-room apartments — from 65 to 112 m2.


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